Bungie has released another installment of their This Week at Bungie blog post and it detailed "Destiny 2's" upcoming DLC simply dubbed as "Forsaken," including the game's updated roadmap. The developer is also looking into some things in the online-only shooter as they were brought to light by the player base.

Someone from the Destiny subreddit recently posted a suggestion requesting that the seasonal time limit for Faction Rallies be extended. Redditor u/e5x further explained that the event's one-week time frame in completing each of its objectives "is completely ridiculous" adding that some of his friends who are also into "Destiny 2" felt that the event was stressful instead of giving them a sense of satisfaction and excitement.

Community Manager dmg04 (@A_dmg04) responded to the request. He stated that they're "watching it all roll" and went on to tell "Destiny 2" faithfuls to keep the feedback coming as he will be passing their thoughts along to the dev team.

Heroic Strike Modifiers in 'Destiny'

Dmg also took to Twitter to somewhat acknowledge that some Heroic Strike Modifiers were a bit painful (Blackout, Glass, and Grounded to be specific). That said, he revealed that the dev team is looking for a possible tuning pass for the upcoming July update. He pointed out though on Reddit that they're not nerfing them into the ground. Instead, the team will be looking into some paired with specific elemental singe/burn on certain strikes that don't mix well as he mentioned of Grounded and Solar Burn on Pyramidion as an example.

A member of the subreddit also pitched in to buff a couple of positive modifiers (grenade recharge rate for Grenadier and melee damage for Brawler) in the game.

Dmg replied that these too will be passed along the dev team, though he made it clear that there won't be any tweaks on these mentioned elements of the game for now.

Bungie on cross saves

Community Manager Cozmo (@Cozmo23), on the other hand, also responded to another member of the subreddit who is requesting to add up a feature in "Destiny 2" where players are allowed to do a so-called cross save/account transfer in between platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC).

Its OP - u/eightgalaxies even provided links of previous Reddit posts carrying the same request since all of them raked in a massive number of upvotes from the community which is a clear indication that the player base is longing for it to happen.

Cozmo then responded that he will pass this suggestion along, adding that this is something the "Destiny 2" community wants to see being implemented in the game.