The latest updates for "Red Dead Redemption 2" reveal details on how players work on side missions in the game. Rockstar Games co-president Rob Nelson tells it all during an interview with Jeuxactu (via Game Rant) and why it is important for players to engage on this besides the main story.

The video game publisher also teased possible special editions of the game and it will offer bonus content for the players who pre-ordered it. The story of "Red Dead Redemption 2" will focus Arthur Morgan and the Vander Linde gang as they strive to survive the Wild West against the federal agents and bounty hunters.

How do side missions work?

According to Rob Nelson, Rockstar Games' goal is to unite both the main story and side missions into the sequel, placing equal focus on both of them to have characters development on Arthur Morgan. The video game developers are working hard to make each mission as fun and challenging as possible, at the same time meaningful for Arthur's immersion as a complex and interesting hero.

Each mission will connect a part of Arthur's personality and how his actions will affect the sequel's main story. Nelson also revealed how players can participate in side missions as Arthur will interact with NPCs in the game whether at camp or at a town. While hunting for food in the wilds, players will come across new information or find something that leads to a new content.

Lastly, players will also engage in a storyline involving the first game's protagonist John Marston and they also have the option of working on an optional task called Stranger Missions.

Rockstar Games previously showcased "RDR2's" heist gameplay as players compared it to "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "GTA Online" due to how the player and his crew planned out a heist and execute it as a team.

Players can choose how to approach the situation, either to go in quietly or loud and guns blazing inside the bank. Players can also make choices that will affect how the game will progress in the main story. Each decision they make affects the outcome of the plot and it will lead to certain situations wherein Arthur makes an impossible decision at the very end.

Special editions coming soon

Video game fans are wondering if Rockstar Games will come up with special editions for "RDR2" when the game launches October 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Normally, Rockstar Games way of handing out special editions is to add physical items such as maps and steel bookcases, and in-game DLC contents for pre-orders. While the developers did not divulge any specific details, this is the very thing they will expect for the sequel. For now, the publisher is still working on the sequel's gameplay and promotion, and fans are expecting more from them in coming video game events this year.