Update V4.1 has officially introduced the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup that allowed "Fortnite" Battle Royale fans to play as Marvel's Mad Titan – Thanos. While the community is all hyped with the latest game mode, there are some who snuck into the third-person shooter's game files to see what they could get.

Week 3 challenges?

U/Hexecutioner1 recently took to the game's subreddit to reveal what he claims to be datamined intel about some upcoming content in the game. If his post is anything to go by, it looks like he dug up Season 4's week 3 Battle Pass challenges.

Per the Redditor, here are the challenges that are likely to be faced by the "Fortnite" faithful:

  • Deal damage with pistols to opponents (0/500)
  • Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers (0/3) [HARD]
  • Sniper Rifle eliminations (0/3) [HARD]
  • Search chests in Lonely Lodge (0/7)
  • Search rubber duckies (0/7)
  • Follow the treasure map found in Salty Springs (0/1) [HARD]
  • Watch a match replay (0/1)

Some members of the subreddit were quite skeptical about what the Redditor posted. Others even pointed out the last challenge on the list, stating that match replays are not yet available on PC.

The OP somewhat seconded the point, adding that he doubts that Epic will add said feature on mobile, though he provided a link from Storm Shield One showing that the challenge does exist.

He even showed a previous post on his former account proving that the challenges were datamined from the "Fortnite" game files. Other Redditors believe that said feature may still arrive on mobile since Season 4 has just started.

Some bug fixes

Meanwhile, "Fortnite" players are well acquainted by now with Thanos getting nerfed in the game to give other players (especially the noobs) a chance to wield the Infinity Gauntlet and play as the Mad Titan.

There's also a bit of an issue with the new LTM where both common and uncommon weapons are still dropping in the game, while it was stated in V4.1's patch notes that only rare, epic, and legendary items would spawn. Epic Games, on the other hand, stated that they are aware of such an issue and are currently working on a fix.

The new patch also fixed an exploit where players used their sprays to camouflage their damage traps, clingers, and remote explosives. Another fix was also applied to a hole in Dusty Divot where players could get stuck. Check out a video about the game here:

What do you think about the leaked challenges?