The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal new gameplay changes for supporting characters Ana and Brigette in the game. Blizzard Entertainment announced in the forums (via Heroes Never Die) that the new patch updates for the two will balance their usage during match sessions. They are currently testing them out in the game's Public Test Region session after they upgraded Hanzo and Symmetra's abilities.

The video game publisher also gave an update of "Overwatch's" reporting system and stated that it will be running smoothly in the next few months.

The new reporting system will help them solve the players' arguments during gameplay matches and tournaments.

New PTR character changes

According to Blizzard Entertainment, Ana's Biotic Rifle will no longer impact allies with full health. For example, if there is a fully healthy Roadhog in front of her, Ana's shots now go through it to hit her targets, making the latter a better sniper on the field.

Another change in Ana's arsenal is that her ultimate attack "Nano Boost," can now be used on herself. Normally she will fire it to her allies giving them an extra boost of player stats that will make them invincible, but in this case player's can now use it on her making her unstoppable.

As for Brigitte, her "Shield Bash" attack will now cover a smaller area and has a longer cooldown at six seconds.

The maximum armor per player has been reduced from 150 to 100 points. This makes her much weaker than the previous update, but she is still a well-rounded support character, and this change might benefit players who use different strategies when using her in matches.

Blizzard previously had radical changes for Hanzo and Symmetra to make them more formidable heroes in the game.

Hanzo has a new Lunge move that lets him leap through buildings and his Scatter Arrows have been replaced with a new attack called Storm Arrows. Symmetra has been changed into a defense hero with changes to her primary, secondary, and ultimate attacks.

Other changes to the "Overwatch" PTR update include a player warning, where Blizzard added notes the player's behavior that will result in account closure if they persist on bad behavior.

Reporting system updates

Blizzard Entertainment announced that they are steadily fixing the new report system in "Overwatch's" competitive mode. The goal of the new system is to help players come up with more solutions based on the feedback they received.

This will allow the publisher to come up with new ways to prevent any sort of violent reactions during tournaments and it shows how the developers truly care about the video game fans who have played the game over the years since its release.