The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal an exclusive PS4 Strike mission for the sequel's second expansion storyline, "Warmind." PlayStation Underground gave the fans a special in-game presentation of the mission as the expansion's design director Evan Nikolich and sandbox lead Josh Hamrick, explained the excitement and test for the upcoming second DLC.

The "Warmind" expansion will feature the Guardians helping Ana Bray infiltrate a facility on Mars built by her family's company, Clovis Gray, during the Golden Age. It houses some of the most advanced and dangerous weapons in the universe, and they are seeking the Warmind Rasputin.

Both Ana and the Guardians must also contend with the Hive as they are also set their sites on the Warmind. The expansion will launch in the game on May 8.

The new exclusive Strike

The new "Warmind" Strike mission is called "The Insight to Terminus" and it takes place in Nessus as it tasks players to hunt down a powerful Psion before it taps into a powerful piece of Vex technology. PlayStation 4 owners will have the privilege to gain exclusive armor sets from the mission.

The video also revealed that players will fight hordes of Vex soldiers and the targeted Psion as a boss fight. Players will also have their hands on the fan-favorite exotic weapon, Suros Regime.

Bungie announced on the "Destiny" forum website that players are not required to download the previous expansion, "Curse of "Osiris," to play the latest expansion.

Unlike the first expansion, the players' request for free vault space may happen alongside the new expansion. This means they will not have to bother to download a huge chunk of data just to get it.

The game developers promised video game fans some new weapons, armor, loots, and missions to enjoy their experience in playing "Destiny 2" until the next expansion is revealed.

New Raids and Nightfalls

According to the PlayStation Network (via Gamerant), 18.2 percent of "Destiny 2" players have completed the Leviathan Raid, which became the pinnacle of the sequel's gameplay experience. This includes the number of players who have enjoyed doing the story, PvP, and PvE missions, and in their minds, it is rather a low presentation.

As a result, Bungie must improve themselves by introducing more challenging Raids and Nightfall events on "Warmind" in order to keep players interested in the sequel a little longer or even challenge them to do better. Having better access to them will simply create more exposure to the sequel in terms of popularity and lore.