On the surface, the Nintendo Switch is a pretty cumbersome console for gaming. Its modular design is comprised of four devices; a tablet, two Joy-Con controllers, and a dock that work in unison or apart to provide three modes of play. Fortunately, however, assembly and disassembly are simplified with snap-on technology and can be played at home or taken on the go in no time.

Still, it seems the folks over at Nintendo of Japan want to make things even simpler by throwing one of the components out of the equation. As of this writing, the company is providing local customers with the option of purchasing a dockless unit.

Dockless Switch out now

The SKU which was recently spotted on the My Nintendo Store website for Japan contains just the tablet and both Joy-Con controllers. Hence, it's missing the AC adapter, HDMI cable, Joy-Con Grip, and dock. The SKU is retailing at 26,978 yen ($244 US) which makes it only $50 less than the regular SKU despite all the missing extras.

The caveats of dockless gaming

This dockless Switch is obviously geared towards those consumers who prefer undocked/mobile gaming. Hence, the console will offer only two modes of play for Japanese folks; tabletop and mobile modes. This also means that the Switch will have to be constantly charged through an outlet which might not be all that ideal.

Compared to the dock, it might take longer to recharge the Switch, especially during use.

Dockless Switch owners will also be forced to buy an AC adapter for charging their units. However, some third-party AC adapters for the Switch are not as reliable as advertised, meaning consumers will have to do some homework before purchasing one for their dockless SKU.

In addition, owners will still have to buy a grip for uniting the Joy-Con controllers if they want a conventional controller experience.

Ultimately, this all can add up to a price point that is close to that of the original SKU if consumers want to get the most out of their dockless Switch gameplay experiences. Still, a dockless Switch might prove prevalent in Japanese markets given the culture is entrenched in with mobile technology.

What about the rest of us?

Currently, there is no word on when this dockless Switch SKU will make its way to other parts of the world or if it ever will become available to a wider market. However, chances are it could eventually make the trip given the growing demand for mobile technology is international. Nintendo could still benefit greatly from bringing this SKU to Europe and the US despite its caveats.