The new season for "Fortnite" has already been out for three weeks and so far we have so many new concepts from Epic Games. We have witnessed an incredible collaboration between "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Fortnite Battle Royale" which gave way to a unique game mode. Epic Games has also released a new burst assault rifle weapon with epic and legendary rarities. As with each new week in "Fortnite," there are a set of Battle Pass challenges for players who have purchased the Battle Pass. So far, each week required players to search for certain objects throughout the map.

Week 1 required players to find letters that spelled out "Fortnite," while week 2 required players to find film cameras to dance in front of. According to Forbes, this week requires players to search for rubber ducks in the game.

Rubber duck locations

  • By the waterfall at the edge of the map to the northeast of Anarchy Acres
  • In the pool of water at the big house at Lonely Lodge
  • Beside the jetty located at the northeast corner of Loot Lake
  • In the broken house's bathroom located at the northwest part of Retail Row
  • Underneath the water tower to the east of Retail Row
  • In the pool of water to the northwest of the crab statue in Moisty Mire
  • By the waterfall at the edge of the map to the west of Lucky Landing
  • Under the bridge located northwest of Lucky Landing
  • In the lake found close to the south of Fatal Fields
  • In the pool at the second house from the south located at Snobby Shores

The challenge requires players to find all ten rubber ducks located at those spots, but there are surely more rubber ducks scattered throughout the map.

Players have to complete the match when they find rubber ducks or else it will not count toward the challenge. Players who have found all ten rubber ducks will complete the challenge and earn themselves five battle stars.

Tips on how to easily complete the challenge

Since rubber ducks are known to be found in water, it is easy to narrow down the locations of the rubber ducks.

Players can avoid most of the big buildings on the map and walk toward a body of water to find a rubber duck. It can be difficult to spot such a small object on the map, but players will be able to hear a sad and distant quacking once they get near one of the rubber ducks. Players who have purchased a Battle Pass will also be searching for a rubber duck, so be sure to have a weapon ready in case you need to kill some enemies before searching for the rubber duck.