Epic Games is always introducing new things to "Fortnite" to keep the game interesting. After the new season started, Epic Games released plenty of new material for the "Fortnite" gaming community. Their most recent release was the "Avengers: Infinity War" mash-up where players were able to play as Thanos. Not only are new game modes a big part of "Fortnite's" popularity, but new weapons also make the game more interesting. There have been plenty of new weapon additions to the game, along with a few weapon removals, but players have been satisfied with the weapons they are allowed to use in-game.

According to Forbes, there may be a new gun added to the weapon line-up for "Fortnite Battle Royale."

Burst assault rifles could be getting a new pair of guns soon

Fortnite Tracker is a website that gathers data files, or datamines, from the game and leaks whatever new information is found. The newest leaks from the website reveal two new burst assault rifles, also known as "Bullpup Burst." The two new burst assault rifles are of Epic and Legendary rarity. Currently, the game only has Common, Uncommon, and Rare line-ups for the burst assault rifle, so the addition of the two new ones would complete the family of burst assault rifles. The "Bullpup Burst" rifles are already in the game mode "Save the World" and could possibly make it into the Battle Royale mode.

"Fortnite" also posted a Tweet in regard to downtime for maintenance tomorrow with a caption saying: "Burst onto the battlefield, tomorrow." From that, it looks like the new burst assault rifles could be added by tomorrow.

If these two rifles are added, they could be a game-changer. As of now, the legendary Scar rifle is the most popular gun in the game and many players love to have one in their inventory in the game.

However, if the Bullpup Burst rifles are added to the game, players could lean toward wanting to have the legendary burst rifle in their inventory. The accuracy from the burst rifles would be more favorable in order to easily eliminate enemies from a distance.

Other weapons should be released in the near future

With the burst assault rifles coming, other weapon families should be getting some new additions in the future.

The assault rifle with scope still has yet to receive an epic and legendary weapon, as well as the submachine gun. But, knowing how fast Epic Games is at releasing new content, players should expect new weapons this season.