It is already the second week of "Fortnite" and players have been playing non-stop after Epic Games did a fantastic job adding new things into the Battle Royale mode. The introduction of the superhero theme is really paying off and Epic Games has even made a crossover between the game and the popular movie "Avengers: Infinity War." Many players have purchased the Battle Pass and have completed the first week of challenges. Today marks the start of the Week 2 challenges and one of the challenges requires players to dance in front of different film cameras.

Film cameras and movies seem to be a big part of the new season so it is only right for one of the challenges to dance in front of a camera. Forbes has listed out the locations where players can complete the challenge. A report by Forbes presented the information passed on in this article.

Film camera dance spots

1) The film studio east of Junk Junction.

2) By the dinosaur footprint south of Snobby Shores.

3) Inside the mansion at Haunted Hills.

4) At the north warehouse and in front of the green screen room at Risky Reels.

5) To the west of the racetrack.

6) In front of the helicopter at Moisty Mires.

7) Inside another boxed-in set at Moisty Mires.

8) To the west of Shifty Shafts.

9) Inside the soccer field west of Tilted Towers.

10) The broken bridge northwest of the prison.

There are ten spots listed here so that is more than enough for players to complete the challenges. Similar to other challenges, players must enter matches with other players in order to complete the challenge. Players cannot leave a match after dancing in front of a film camera or the challenge does not count.

Players will also not be reminded of how many film cameras they have danced in front of, so be sure to check on the challenges tab while in the lobby. Those who have completed the challenge will receive a total of five battle stars.

Quick tips on how to complete this challenge

With challenges such as this one, it can be a bit tricky since everyone who purchased a Battle Pass for the season will be scrambling to find the cameras once they have landed in the appropriate location.

It will be a bloodbath at the film camera locations, but there are a few ways for players to easily complete the challenge before they get shot in the face. The easiest one is to perfect the landing spot so you can rush to the film camera and use an emote before someone who has a gun can get to you. If you're good at shooting, however, pick up a gun and eliminate the players in the area before going over to the film camera and dancing. You could also land a bit further away from the film camera locations and slowly make your way there as to avoid any potential shootouts.