Epic Games is about to roll out another "Fortnite" update (V4.2) as it is believed to be introducing a new weapon. The developer also made it known that the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup will be ending soon. Before the LTM officially bids farewell, a glitch was recently encountered by a player that let the Mad Titan build and even fire a weapon.

Thanos is kind of OP

"Fortnite" player Fine Nova recently took to both YouTube and the game's subreddit to reveal what he stumbled upon while playing as Thanos. The supervillain was able to build and fire a weapon, surprising the gamer.

Per the two-minute video, the player eliminated the Thanos player inside a house situated in Retail Row. By the time he wielded the gauntlet, he noticed that he was not launched way up the map. Things got more interesting when his pickaxe prior to transforming was still being held by the Titan. He then passed by some dropped loot and noticed that his Thanos was able to pick up some items. The player then tried to harvest and build structures, which, surprisingly, also worked.

While on his way to Dusty, he tested whether or not Thanos could arm himself with a weapon. The fan was amazed to see that the attempt yielded positive results. The SCAR was facing backward, though, not to mention that it was somewhat lodged in the character's elbow.

Shooting at enemies is quite awkward, but the player managed to eliminate an opponent in that manner. Unfortunately, he lost the match when he accidentally went inside the storm.

The only thing he wasn't able to try out was to heal Thanos. He stated that he'd only thought of it when he was already editing his glitched gameplay.

Burst will push through

Meanwhile, Epic Games has just announced that they'll be rolling out update V4.2 on May 16. The game developer added that there will be downtime that will start at 4 AM ET, and patch notes for the update will be released at this time.

That said, fans are now expecting that the Burst Assault Rifle will be introduced in the upcoming update. Epic also assured its "Fortnite" player base that the new weapon will be released and it has no connection with the update delay. For the uninitiated, the developer stated that there was an issue that would delay the release, adding that some quests may not work until the patch goes live.

The Burst has been revealed to have legendary rarity and is believed to be more efficient in terms of taking down structures when compared with its rare counterpart. Check out a video about the game here: