Coming into the fifth week of "Fortnite," there is a lot of new content. Epic Game has been working non-stop to provide newer ways to play the game. Last week, players were introduced to the newest burst assault rifles. Even better, Epic Games released a limited game mode which incorporated "Avengers: Infinity War," allowing players to become Thanos. The talks of a jetpack have been floating around for a long time, and Epic Games has finally added it to the game. According to Newsweek, update 4.2 for "Fortnite" introduces the new jetpack -- along with a revised version of Solid Gold V2.

Jetpacks are finally released in-game

Jetpacks are the newest items in the game and they are of legendary rarity. The item is the first of many of the new item type called Backpacks. Jetpacks can be found by players after searching treasure chests and will take up an inventory slot if picked up by a player. Similar to the bush equip, players will have to consume the jetpack in order to equip it. Once the jetpack is equipped, players can then use it to get a little boost while jumping. The jetpack is used while jumping mid-air and will allow players to momentarily fly in the air. However, the jetpack does not last forever, as it can only be used for a limited time. Once you reach that limit, the jetpack has to be charged before it can be used again.

Similar to hop rocks, the jetpack will allow players to momentarily defy gravity and pull off some sick shots. There will definitely be people who are going to be trying some no scope sniper rifles kills while using the jetpack, so be wary of those. With the addition of jetpacks, the gameplay level is going to change as high level players will get creative and use jetpacks in unique ways to get kills.

Two game modes show up in 'Fortnite'

Along with the jetpack, the game mode Solid Gold V2 is making a comeback with a few revisions. The heavy shotgun and the new burst assault rifle will be added to this mode, along with all other legendary weapons. In the mode, players will have a chance to battle it out using all legendary weapons.

Farming for materials will also be faster since legendary weapons will deal more damage to structures.

A new limited time game mode has also been added to the game called Close Encounters. In the new game mode, players will be using jetpacks and shotguns to fight. The storm will also close in much faster during the mid-game, making games last roughly 15 minutes.