After spending five weeks in a row atop the UK game charts since its release in late April, the critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive "God of War" has finally been toppled from the top spot, though Sony will be pleased to learn that the game in question is another PlayStation 4 exclusive, the hotly anticipated new title from Quantic Dreams, "Detroit: Become Human."

The game charts

Several big games were released over the past week, including the likes of the Microsoft exclusive "State of Decay 2," "Dark Souls Remastered," and "Detroit: Become Human." Despite five weeks in the top spot, "God of War's" sales were no longer strong enough to fend off the competition and now it has fallen a few places.

"Detroit: Become Human" currently sits in first while "State of Decay 2" is in second. "Dark Souls Remastered" makes its debut in third, "FIFA 18" continues to enjoy strong sales in fourth, and "God of War" brings up the rear in fifth. Microsoft will no doubt have been hoping that its exclusive game would have the momentum to topple "God of War," but the game's lukewarm reception from critics no doubt put some potential buyers off.

A huge success

"God of War" may no longer be king of the charts, but the fact it spent over a month at the top is a massive accomplishment, especially when you consider the fact that it is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and therefore is limited to PlayStation gamers when it comes to potential sales.

PlayStation gamers will also be pleased to see that the only game that seemed capable of toppling "God of War" was another PlayStation exclusive. "God of War" was eagerly anticipated by games when it was first announced and was met with critical acclaim, with many critics awarding it perfect scores. Its time in the spotlight may have come to an end, but "God of War" is easily a contender for many Game of the Year awards, despite the fact we're only six months into the year.

This week's releases

No doubt David Cage and the developers of "Detroit: Become Human" are pleased to see their game make its debut straight to No. 1, but how long will it be able to stay there? This coming week is relatively quiet but does see the release of two notable titles -- "The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset" expansion along with the open world role-playing game "Vampyr." Will either of these games be able to make their debut at the top spot, or will Sony continue to dominate the charts with its exclusive titles? Only time will tell.