The battle royale genre for games has already made its mark in the gaming community starting with "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and leading into the more recently popular "Fortnite." There will always be debates on which battle royale game is the best, but for now, it is certain that these two games are the top in its category. The concept of a battle royale game is quite entertaining especially if it were portrayed in a Live Action film. According to Digital Trends, one YouTuber named Nukazooka decided to do just that and created a live-action Video putting both "Fortnite" and "PubG" aspects together.

Live action video of 'Fortnite' vs 'PubG' is totally awesome

The video is about seven minutes long, but really captures the essence of both battle royale games. It showcases what there is to love about both games, but also mocks some of the more absurd concepts of the games. The beginning shows two players fighting each other using a frying pan, which comes from "PubG." Afterward, the sound of the Battle Bus perks the interests of the "PubG" players and they go to check it out. What follows after is the exciting part of the video.

Seeing the two different games in live action really makes it exciting to watch. It's hilarious to see the confused face of a "PubG" player go up against a "Fortnite" player who decides to build a structure in the middle of a gunfight.

The video is also incredible because of the editing. After a player is killed, the death animation from "Fortnite" occurs and there is loot that can be picked up. A lot of "Fornite" concepts are showcased in the video ranging from riding on missiles, drinking shield potions to throwing an impulse grenade, but that's what makes the video so lovable.

Not to mention, the amount of blood and gore in the video is just so perfect.

What can we take away from the video

In the end, the "PubG" player is able to take down the "Fortnite" player which could suggest that "PubG" is the superior battle royale game. However, we should not take the ending and interpret it as such because both games have their own good points and there is no reason to declare which game is superior.

What is important is that both these games are at the top of the battle royale genre because they each have their own special qualities that draw players to them. It is great to see a video like this come up and hopefully, there will be more videos like this in the future.