The PlayStation 4 has dominated the gaming market since its inception into the world. Nintendo and Microsoft have certainly made strides, but the PS4 has been the best console on the market. The console won gamers over with it's diverse and large assortment of exclusives, superb graphics, design, comfortability, and live service.

This is not to say that other consoles have not been competing though. Microsoft's Xbox One X has been doing well and so did it's earlier console, the Xbox One. Nintendo also released the Switch, which has been doing remarkably well, and prior to that, the Nintendo NES Classic Editions.

The end

The PlayStation 4 launched back in 2013, so it has been available for quite some time now. According to an article by Fortune, the console has sold "79 million units as of the end of April." Despite the success, the numbers have not been up to par with its predecessor in the PS3. It only makes sense that Sony would be moving on from its current system as five years have passed by.

Usually, the trend is that a new system arrives every five years, however, "Video game industry insiders told Fortune they don't expect the PlayStation 5 to be available until 2020." Gamers will be able to hold onto their systems because the PS5 is not expected until 2020 or 2021 as hinted at by PlayStation boss John Kodera.

Although the PlayStation 4 has sold well, sales have been down compared to other years. The company is planning on making progress in sales with its membership service. Live service for the system costs about $60 a year, but with it, customers get free games every month and discounts to purchase content on the online store.

So getting the service is rewarding and gamers know they need it obviously to play online. Unfortunately, according to Fortune, Sony announced earlier that there will be "no new hardware announcements at E3." Despite that, E3 is shaping up to be exciting as the expo kicks off next month.

Many critically acclaimed games on the way

The PS4 still has a lot going for it as many critically acclaimed games are set to arrive further in the year and into the next one. "The Last of Us II" is speculated to arrive at the end of the year or sometime next year, while other exclusives like "Spider-Man" are set to arrive in September.

Zombie apocalyptic game "Days Gone" is also set to arrive sometime in 2019.

And "God of War" has been spectacular and could easily be a game of the year nominee. Records have been set with the video game selling "3.1 million copies in three days." Gamers have a lot to look forward to with the PS4 and should not be rushing the PS5. Regardless, individuals will remember the greatness and groundbreaking strides that the PS4 brought to the world and will be excited in the near future for the next heir.