"Fortnite" fans are pretty much acquainted by now with the leaked cosmetics that are expected to arrive in the game. It looks like these leaksters are on a grind as of late, as another set of alleged leaks have been discovered.

U/AdamLeaksFortnite (previously known as u/internetadam) recently took to Reddit to reveal the release date of the P90. Per the Redditor, he claims that the weapon will arrive alongside massive map changes on June 16. He even stated that the weapon will arrive in rare, epic and legendary rarities.

Adam also revealed something quite interesting about the Jetpack and the game's refund feature in another Reddit post.

He stated that the shelved item "has pretty much been scrapped for the hate on the idea." The Redditor also claims that the aforementioned refund system will most likely be added back.

Jetpack today?

However, this seems to be in conflict with what @TwoEpicBuddies have recently datamined in the game files. The German duo recently tweeted screenshots of some "Fortnite" game assets showing that the Jetpack might be rolled out in future updates. At the time of writing, they tweeted out that it will be released today, May 17 at around 3:00 (PM?). The tweet was posted alongside a couple more as one of them provided additional details about the Jetpack and a so-called "Ranked Mode."

According to the latest Twitter posts, the Jetpack will be introduced as a new Limited Time Mode dubbed "Close Encounters." The yet-to-be-confirmed LTM will also include the use of shotguns as the description stated that whenever players find a Jetpack, they have to double-tap the jump button to take off.

They have to keep the button held down to apply thrust, though they have to make sure they land before it runs out of fuel.

Ranked Mode, on the other hand, will be getting its own map. The description reads: "Be the last one standing in this opt-in proving ground for high-skilled players!"

The Burst and the Apple

Meanwhile, "Fortnite's" V4.2 patch has officially rolled out the Burst Assault Rifle in the game's Battle Royale mode.

The new weapon has both epic and legendary rarity and can be found in supply drops, floor loot, treasure chests, and vending machines.

The new update also ushered in the apple as the game's new forage item. The patch notes stated that the new consumable can replenish five health (up to 100) as it can uncommonly be found on certain trees throughout the map. Check out a video about the "Fortnite" here: