"Pokemon GO" Community Day event is a regular monthly mini-event in Niantic's augmented reality game. According to Developer Niantic, it was introduced in order to encourage players to meet in their local parks and play together worldwide. The event features special Pokemon and offers special bonuses. The first event was held in January with Pikachu. The second one featured Dratini in February, the third was held in March and featured Bulbasaur, while the fourth featured Mareep in April.

The previous event was great

The fourth Community Day event which was held on Sunday, April 15, featured the Electric-type sheep known as Mareep.

Players who were able to evolve theirs into its final form, Ampharos, before the end of the event watched it learn the Dragon-type attack known as Dragon Pulse. In fact, the coincidence of the event with the Kanto Week event made it more fun for players. They had the opportunity to catch lots of Pokemon which originated from the Red and Blue Version. Aside from Mareep, players were able to find Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and other Generation 1 monsters such as Snorlax and Aerodactyl.

Also, the event offered players 2X Candy for capturing and transferring Pokemon, an opportunity to capture a new Legendary Pokemon, three hours of Lure Modules, and the ability to hatch all eggs at a quarter of the distance.

What the event will feature

May "Pokemon GO" Community Day event will take place on May 19 and will feature Charmander, the Generation 1 Fire-starter and Lizard Pokemon. Also, the event will offer bonuses such as three-hour lures, 3X the normal Stardust, and double XP. May has been a month of interesting and special events in the "Pokemon GO" community.

While players travel distances around the world catching Pokemon and having fun, another valuable event is around the corner.

The Adventure Week, which is also known as the Rock-type, will commence immediately after the Community Day event. It will leave players in an adventurous spirit. The event will feature Pokemon such as Dratini, Larvitar, Lileep, Cradily, Tyranitar, Shuckle, Magcargo, Snorlax, Shiny Rock-type creatures from Generation 1, non-Rock-type creatures, and many more.

The upcoming seven-day celebration will also offer great bonuses to Players. This is a month of "Go out there and catch them all." Players who participate fully in these events will get the best out of them.