"Fortnite" underwent service maintenance early this morning in order for the developers at Epic Games to roll out patch 3.6. This patch comes a few days before the season ends, but developers are still dishing out new items for the players. This entire week, Epic Games has been releasing a lot of things, ranging from the newly updated 50 vs. 50 game mode to the new Light Machine Gun. According to GamesRadar, Epic Games has introduced a new grenade called the "Clinger" in their latest patch.

The 'Clinger' is the newest item in 'Fortnite'

It is mere days before the season closes out for "Fortnite" and the latest patch addresses a few things to make the game run more smoothly in the last few days.

The biggest update in the patch is the introduction of a sticky bomb, a throwable grenade that can stick onto surfaces and enemies. This new grenade is called the "Clinger" and is sure to make the game a whole lot more interesting.

According to PC Gamer, the grenade is listed as Uncommon rarity and players can find the new grenade through floor loot, supply drops, supply llamas, and treasure chests. Players who manage to find and pick up the new grenade will be granted a stack of three, similar to the regular grenade.

There is a two and a half second explosion delay and if the grenade happens to stick onto an enemy, it could deal at least 100 damage. If the grenade attaches onto structures, it can be expected to deal 200 damage.

The "Clinger" is unable to detonate while in mid-air, and can only detonate once it attaches to a target. With the introduction of the new grenade, Epic Games has reduced the percentage of finding Remote Explosives in chests by 40 percent in the game.

Other notable changes in patch 3.6

Aside from the new grenade being introduced to the game, the new patch also buffed up the minigun.

After the release of the light machine gun, the minigun didn't seem to be as favorable as the light machine gun. The minigun now has increased accuracy along with a reduction in its recoil by 10 percent. By buffing the weapon Epic Games hopes it will be a more viable weapon when it comes to combat.

A new feature is included in the latest patch called "Self-Service Cosmetic Returns." Essentially, any player who has purchased an emote, a glider, harvesting tool, back bling, or an outfit is entitled to an exchange, while Battle Passes, Battle Pass Tiers, Starter Packs, Founder's Packs, and Founder's Pack upgrades cannot be exchanged.

Patch 3.6 is the final patch before the season ends in a couple of days and we can expect tons of new concepts once the next season for "Fortnite" starts.