"God Of War" has been around the gaming community for a long time, with its debut on the Playstation 2 back in 2005. The game has been out for more than a decade. The game itself has garnered plenty of popularity and fans have been itching to see what the next game in the franchise will bring. According to The Washington Post, there have been a total of six "God of War" titles released over the course of seven years. The newest "God of War" is a reboot of the original game and feels different from the original series.

The 'God of War' franchise

Everyone knows who the main character is in the "God of War" series; Kratos.

People who have been playing the game for some time know that Kratos was on a journey for vengeance when he was tricked by The God of war in Greek mythology, Ares, which led to Kratos killing his own son and wife. The game series follows Kratos all the way until he can exact his revenge on Ares. The following games in the franchise follow suit, except for the fact that there is more gore.

New 'God of War' takes on different perspective

However, in this reboot of "God of War," everything takes a different turn. A very noticeable change from the start of the game is the aging of Kratos -- he is depicted with a beard and it is clear that age has taken a big toll on him. According to LADbible, the game shifts focus to the Norse gods, meaning there will be new game environments, new camera angles, and of course, new gameplay.

The storyline of the game also changes as well. Instead of violently hacking his through an enemy, Kratos is on a journey through grief; finding a place to scatter the ashes of his wife. In addition to this altered storyline, there is a new character that accompanies Kratos on his journey; Atreus, his own son.

Not only are the two traveling to scatter the remains of Kratos' wife, also, Kratos must teach Atreus the ways of being a god.

However, Kratos is reluctant to take Atreus on the journey with him because of the dangers that may arise during said journey.

This game is going to be popular in 2018

So far, the game has gotten great reviews, getting 25 perfect votes from popular gaming media. This makes it the best reviewed game in 2018. Critics consider this game to be the best in the franchise: getting a score of 95 on OpenCritic and 94 on Metacritic. Judging by these scores and how the gameplay is different from past games, the reboot looks to be the most popular game of the year.