Santa Monica Studio game director Cory Barlog has just confirmed that the PS4 first party exclusive title, “God Of War,” is now on its third day of playtesting stage. This is definitely a good news for the fans to know that the epic title is right on track for its release date in early 2018, without any threat of delay.

Playtesting stage

On his Twitter account, Barlog tweeted a photo that showed a replica of Kratos’ ax and a cup of Starbucks coffee on his table. In the caption, he said that he is excited about the progress accomplished for “God of War”, although, there is still heaps of work to do before the game finally sees the light of day early next year.

Interestingly, it appeared that the replica of Kratos’ ax in the picture will be one of the two products that Neca will exclusively create for “God of War” PS4.

The collectible toys company announced at San Diego Comic-Con that it entered into an exclusive partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio to create an amazing action figure of Kratos including a replica of his ax.

Kratos’ action figure is seven inches tall, with more than 30 points of articulation and impressively intricate sculpting and detailing of the protagonist’s beard and fatherly older look.

The other collectible item is a foam prop replica of Kratos’ new ax that is 36 inches long and utterly safe to wield.

The photo shown at Comic-Con was just a silhouette of Kratos' ax but fortunately, Barlog shared a clear photo of the collectible ax that could be the prototype model of the item.

GOW camera focus

More on GOW news, Barlog also revealed that the game’s camera will completely focus on Kratos as opposed to previous installments.

According to the game director, the new game is more personal for Kratos as he faces his past demons and bonds with his son Atreus, so fans will no longer see a lot of cinematic pullouts.

But fans should not worry that this will make the new game less mystical than the past three games. The Norse mythology in the fourth title is filled with humongous beasts and monsters as well as phenomenal events that everyone saw in the epic E3 2017 trailer.

There will be occasions in the game where players can maneuver the camera in a number of cutscenes. However, there are also times when it takes control of the camera to focus on an essential part of the gameplay.

“God of War” has no exact release date but it is slated to hit PS4 consoles, with a PS4 Pro support in early 2018.