Role playing games have had a long history of bringing in fans with their amazing stories, the ability to take on monsters and foes, questing, and epic loot. MMORPGs are no different, and have brought global communities together to take on bad guys and go on adventures in fantasy worlds. For a long time, players have been bound to their PCs, consoles, and laptops in order to play MMORPGS, but this has been changing with the rise of mobile gaming. If you're on the hunt for a new free to play game, and would love an MMO to play on-the-go, then check out the list below!

'AdventureQuest 3D'

"AdventureQuest 3D" is a cross-platform fantasy MMO that is a revision of the 2D browser game of the same name. It features an ever-expanding world with regular updates. There’s crafting, questing, lore, dungeons, and more! One of the neat features is that you can play with others that are on different platforms. It also features real-time combat, a multi-class system, and weapon fusion. Unlike a lot of other free MMOs, this one isn’t pay-to-win, even though it does include in-app purchases.

'Order & Chaos 2'

"Order & Chaos 2" is the sequel to probably the most well done original mobile MMORPG "Order & Chaos." It can be played on Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone. It includes 5 unique races, and 5 different character classes.

For quick gameplay, it offers solo dungeons. It even has amazing PvP play for those into that. It boasts a huge open world, thousands of quests, crafting systems, group dungeons, world boss events, and more!

'Toram Online'

"Toram Online" is available on Android and iOS, and is unique in that it is an anime-style MMO. While that is not unique in the MMORPG realm, it is for mobile MMOs.

Unlike a lot of other mobile MMOs, it offers quite a bit of customization. It has a class-less system, and instead allows the player to use a skills system to build their character how they want. It goes even further by letting you customize your weapon's abilities. This is definitely one to try out if you’re into anime-style games.

'Lineage 2: Revolution'

"Lineage 2: Revolution" is based on the PC MMO "Lineage" and is available on Android and iOS. It uses Unreal Engine, so the visuals will not disappoint. It features open-world combat, and mass PvP matches of 20vs20 or 50vs50. It has world bosses, guilds, and more. It has been claimed as a proper PC to mobile MMO convert, and has a huge community of followers.

'Crusaders of Light'

"Crusaders of Light" is still a relatively new mobile MMO, and can be played on Android and PC. It boasts a lot of the standard MMO features, such as 40-person guilds, quests, gear to collect, and social elements. It has PvP that is done in matches of either 1vs1, 3vs3 or 5vs5 modes. It also has raids, daily quests, fishing and cooking, and lots of other great MMO features that make this one an easy choice to try out.

'Celtic Heroes'

"Celtic Heroes" is a fantasy MMO based on Celtic mythology, and is available on Android and iOS. It features an ever-evolving world, campaign modes, quests, PvP, guilds, and a trading system (something you don’t see too often in mobile MMORPGs). There are five character classes to choose from, and tons to do.