"Pantropy" is now fully funded by Kickstarter and the results look to be very satisfying! The game was developed by two brothers and a handful of other people at Brain Stone. It really is an AAA worthy game, with an independent developers soul. A sci-fi FPS with mechs and a focus on crafting and building, you're sure to find what you're looking for in this gorgeous game. It will differ from other games in the survival genre, as there is no emphasis on food or thirst systems. You will be able to fully immerse yourself in base customization, battling, and crafting!

Choose from two starting factions and earn reputation as your progress through missions and kill enemies!

'Pantropy' offers dozens of awesome features!

In "Pantropy," you will be set in a beautiful world spanning 64 square kilometers with 64 capturable sectors! Throughout this huge map, you will be able to have complete control over building your base. You can create virtually anywhere! Ground, sky, and even underground! To build your base, you'll first need resources, which means mining ore! However, if you're not one for gathering materials, there are missions you can complete to earn resources! Once you've constructed the most incredible base you've ever seen though, don't worry if you log off.

Thanks to the offline anti-raid system, your base will be safe from outside attacks while your not online.

Along with base building and resource collecting you'll also have a wide expanse of craftables. From single player vehicles to vehicles large enough for your entire squad! Flying transports, remote-controlled drones, and even fighters to help do your dirty work!

You'll also be able to craft your own personal weapons, from rifles and pistols to rocket launchers and rail guns!

You have the choice of two factions once you begin, and you'll have to earn reputation with them. If you do not, and you lose too much faction reputation you will be sent to jail island! Here you will have to work to repay your debt, or at least until your friends come to break you out!

"Pantropy" will also feature a bounty system and player rankings with access to PvP and PvE!

'Pantropy' boasts a relentless AI system!

The enemies are no joke in this "Pantropy!" You're not the only one fighting for sectors! The more you and your teammates capture sectors and build bases, the more the enemy NPCs will try to capture for themselves! If you are able to push them back and maintain your ground though, you will be rewarded with precious loot including ancient alien artifacts you can use to piece together the history of this lost world.

However, if they do manage to build bases, you and your friends will be able to raid these the same as you would another person. This means that base raiding isn't something tied to PvP anymore!