The latest updates for "Street Fighter 5" will feature a new gameplay trailer for the sequel's new DLC character, Falke. Falke will be one the new DLC fighters being released in the "Arcade Edition" and her abilities involve her using a Bo staff and the Pyscho power. Capcom announced that Falke will be available on the game's roster on April 27 along with her story and battle outfits.

Capcom also announced that they are looking for a solution on the game's log-in issue and a possible new patch fix update will be released within the month. Video game fans have been complaining about the online issues and the Japanese publisher is doing what they can to remedy the situation.

Falke enters the fight

According to the Capcom-Unity blog, Falke was created as alternative clone body of M. Bison and was forced to train in Shadaloo day in, day out to achieve perfection. Falke has inherited her master's Pycho power and uses it to fuse objects and release them. This was used to incorporate her use of the staff called Harmony to blend in with her fighting style.

Falke's time in Shadaloo drove her to despair and she was able to escape them with the help of her fellow clone, Ed. Together they embark on a mission to find others like them and stop M.Bison and Shadaloo for good. She can use her powers to enhance her staff and fire projectiles like a shotgun or a rifle.

Just like Ed, Falke's special attacks do not require special inputs and having two punch or kick buttons will allow her to activate her special moves.

Her V-Skill is called "Pyscho Trombe" where she can extend her arm and spins her staff in front of an opponent. Players can cancel this move to perform normal moves and deflect projectile attacks.

Falke's first V-Trigger is called "Staerken" and this allows her to enhance the damage of her special attacks without the need to charge up.

She can fire three bullets with the Psycho Kugel, increase damage input with the Psycho Panzer, and can ricochet her attacks using the Psycho Jaeger.

The second V-Trigger is called "Psycho Angriff" and it allows her to increase the damage she inputs with her staff. Her critical art is called "Psycho Fluegel" and it allows her to launch her opponents, vaults in front of them, and begins to beat them down until she slams them to the ground.

Log-in issues

Capcom addressed the log-in issues in the Capcom Fighters Network as several players were not able to play online after the previous patch update. The publisher announced on Twitter that they plan to fix the problem with another patch fix within this month and assured fans that online battles will work properly after this.