Capcom has just unveiled the latest fighter to be joining its growing roster of playable characters for its highly popular fighting video game, "Street Fighter 5." The new fighter comes in the form of the previously non-playable Character in "Street Fighter 4," Ed.

Gameplay video trailer

Along with Ed's announcement, Capcom also released a brand new gameplay trailer that shows off Ed's different moves and skills. The character is basically a cross between M. Bison and Balrog, which means that he incorporates different boxing styles along with Psycho Power attacks.

Some of his attacks are featured in the trailer, which includes his "Psycho Snatcher" V-Skill ability that pulls his opponents towards him. The skill allows for insane combos and devastating juggles that should make the character a formidable opponent in the right hands.

Using his Psycho Power, Ed's V-Trigger, called the "Psycho Cannon," launches a ball of Psycho energy that moves slowly in front of him. This attack can be used both offensively and defensively. Finally, Ed's special attack called the "Psycho Barrage Critical Art," is a barrage of Psycho-enhanced punches from all directions.

Character's backstory

Ed originally appeared in the Balrog's ending cut scene wearing a patient uniform and covered in bandages.

The character was created by Shandaloo as a potential substitute body for M. Bison and is made from his DNA.

Barlog saves Ed from the criminal organization and trains him in his fighting style. Ed eventually learns to control his Psycho Power and incorporates it into his own fighting style. Unlike his teacher, Ed utilizes his feet during his attacks.

Release date

Capcom announced that players would be able to try out the new character during the upcoming Capcom Fighters Network Beta event slated to take place on May 11 up to May 14. The character will be available for both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC players. Cross-play will be supported, which means that players on both platforms will be able to play against each other.

Capcom has yet to announce the character's official release and only mentioned that he will be coming out very "soon." Ed will be part of the game's $29.99 Season 2 Character Pass along with Akuma, Kolin, and three other characters that will be released throughout the year. Several new costumes and color palettes will also be included for a number of characters.