The "Bioshock" trilogy is arguably one of the best franchises in the last-generation consoles, and also one of the best remastered titles on the current-gen consoles. The game did such a fantastic job of storytelling and keeping gamers on their toes. It's a classic trilogy for so many people.

It's a pleasant surprise to so many fans to hear that an unnamed studio is working on the next "Bioshock" game, according to a report from Kotaku. The report was about Hangar 13, "Mafia Iii's" mediocre performance, but within the lengthy article, the news of the game-in-progress broke out.

Big Daddy's possible return

Everything about this project has been kept on the hush-hush until this report came out. The secret studio is neighbors with Hangar 13, and even they had no idea what was going on. All they knew was that some of their colleagues were moving over to this unknown studio and no one said a thing about what they were going to work on. All that was known was that the project has been given the code-name, "Parkside," and that was it. But according to the report, someone spilled the beans and it was leaked that "Parkside" was going to be a new "BioShock" game.

A lot of the devs from Hangar 13 were envious.

They were wondering why they weren't able to head over there. It's very apparent that they are hungry and ready to move on to something new and better, and it makes sense that they'd feel that way, what with how "Mafia III" went and how a new IP, which went by the name "Rhapsody," was in constant limbo.

However, in the Kotaku report, someone involved in the project said that "Parkside's" is not ready for a lot of people to come on board because they don't want to fall into the same issue that every studio has, hire too many people, then not have work for them to do.

The project is still in its early stages, so it seems like once things start rolling, more people will be able to hop on board.


Before this report came along, the faintest hint at ever receiving a new "Bioshock" game was when Take-Two said that “a highly anticipated new title from one of 2K’s biggest franchises" would be coming out before March 2019, stated in an article by TechRadar.

But that statement itself is nothing credible. They could've been talking about "BioShock," but they could've also been talking about "Borderlands 3." But for now, all fans can do is be patient and wait. In the meantime, users can go ahead and praise their $200 Collector's Edition of Bioshock's 10th anniversary and hope that this new "Bioshock" comes out sooner rather than later.