The latest updates for the new "Spider-Man" video game reveal that Peter Parker will use different web-based gadgets to fight crime in New York. Insomniac Games told Game Informer that Peter will not use his web-shooters and his powers to take down the bad guys, but he will rely on three new weapons to give players the creativity to fight crime and make the game more unique.

Insomniac Games previously revealed the mechanics on how web-swinging works in "Spider-Man as game director Ryan Smith and creative director Bryan Intihar stated that it was the first thing they did when developing the game, and players will have to use different buttons to make the web swing more fluid and realistic.

New gadgets for Spidey

Similar to Rocksteady Studio's "Batman Arkham" series, "Spider-Man" will feature different gadgets to take down bad guys without necessary physical force. According to Insomniac Games, there three web-based gadgets in the game and they are a tripwire, web bomb, and the spider-drone. The tripwire was first seen in the first demo gameplay of the game during last year's E3 event and it has the ability to ensnare enemies quickly when they trip the laser sensor. It is a perfect weapon to set-up traps for bad guys on tight corners and walls. The tripwire can also be used to trap bad guys at each other when Peter shoots one and the other gets caught as both ensnared by the web.

The second gadget is the web bomb and it allows Peter to fire a grenade that explodes a huge chunk of the webs against an adversary, temporary blinding or ensnaring him or her. The weapon is extremely useful against a large number of foes when players are overwhelmed. It can also be upgraded to have bigger explosions and additional blinding time.

The last gadget is the spider-drone and it is a pre-order item in the game's DLC. The drone can be used to explore hard-to-reach areas and provide distractions for enemies by firing webs at them. Video game fans are hoping that Imsoniac will have more gadgets for Peter to use in the game before it launches worldwide on Septemeber 7.

No more microtransactions

According to Game Informer (via Reddit), "Spider-Man" will not end its story on the main campaign as Insomniac Games will provide more content for the game once they have finished it. The publication added that the studio will ditch the concept of microtransaction in the game as they felt that it is not necessary to exploit everyone for cash. The additional content will provide a new storyline and Spider-Man suits. The first DLC episode is called "The Heist" and it will feature Felicia Hardy a.k.a. Black Cat and a New York City bank.