I've played a lot of independently developed video games, but "Dolmen" might have me the most excited I've been in a while. Developed by Massive Work Studio, "Dolmen" is an incredible combination of "cosmic horror" and science fiction. A third person action-RPG game with crazy melee and ranged combat, energy management, and crafting -- you'll get lost in combat and exploration. You'll be lost on a forgotten planet called Revion Prime, with beautifully terrifying locations covered in fog, fear and horrifying enemies to destroy. You'll have to guide yourself through perilous paths and avoid traps, like exploding plants and binding webs.

'Dolmen' game features

With such a cool combination of styles and features, there are sure to be amazing gameplay features that are unique and awesome. Crafting, for instance, is a very common feature in numerous games. "Dolmen" adds a new spin to crafting here though, as you'll have to harvest materials from killed enemies and use that to create weapons and armor.

Combat is varying and intense. You will have to attack, block, and dodge to stay alive. Primarily melee combat, you will also have the ability to fight with ranged weapons. Ranged weapons cause elemental damage, and each creature is reactive to different combinations, making each battle demand your attention. However, using ranged weaponry will use up energy.

Be careful though, energy does not recover on its own. You can use energy to empower your melee weapon and recover small amounts of health.

Be careful as you explore this lost planet, as you will experience some of the toughest enemies and gruesome bosses around. Explore different ecosystems, and even play with your friends in an online co-op mode.

A PvP feature is also in the works.

"Dolmen's" role-playing system allows you to level up with experience earned from killing enemies, and place points into attributes that affect and conform to your playstyle.

Get your demo now

"Dolmen" is still being completed, funded on Kickstarter, but you can get access to the Demo before everyone, soon after the campaign ends.

You can get it by pledging as little as $10 and you will get a Steam key via Kickstarter message from Massive Work Studio. Along with the demo for $10 you will also get to have your name put in the credits and a digital wallpaper package. For only a $20 pledge you will get the full game upon release. Not bad for a fully developed video game. If you haven't yet, you can follow "Dolmen" on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Stay up to date with news, updates, and release news.