“Pokemon GO” is stepping up! As of April 9, the Legendary Pokemon, Latias and Latios are now available until June 5! They can only be found in Raid Battles and Gyms. Don't know if you have the right Pokemon in your collection to take on the Legendaries? There is no need to panic, Niantic, the software developing company that created "Pokemon GO," is allowing Pokemon, such as Tyranitar and Mawile, to appear more often in Raid Battles. Talk about convenient!

Now, to fit the “roaming” image of these Legendaries, Until May 8, Latios will be available in North America, South America, and Africa, while Latias will be available in Europe and Asia.

Now, get this, on May 8th they will swap regions for the remainder of the time. Latias And Latios aren't the only new faces introduced by Niantic. Over the past few months, players saw an array of new Legendaries ready for capture. Along with the release of limited time only Pokemon, Niantic also released a new research quest system called Mythical Discovery allowing players the chance to encounter Mew. To capture Mew, you must complete eight stages with multiple challenges. For those new to the game, these new features will take you by storm!

'Pokemon GO' is making a comeback

Why is it that by the end of the summer of 2016 half of "Pokemon GO" players had abandoned the game? Perhaps there just wasn't enough to keep the large fan base interested.

The game had no added new features, and for many months, consisted of just capturing all 100 Pokemon.

Now, don't get me wrong, Niantic did an epic job with the game's design, but they knew that by the end of August they needed to bring new features to the plate to keep the game alive. The creation of over 100 new Pokemon, as well as new Raid Battle and Gym features, helped put the game back on the map.

New quests and limited time only Legendary Pokemon are keeping veteran fans happy while bringing new Pokemon lovers aboard! And, to top the new features, "Pokemon GO" is also making headlines. Making appearances on sites such as CNN, Fox News, and Nintendo.com, I wouldn't be surprised if "Pokemon GO" 2016 becomes "Pokemon GO" 2018.

Niantic has launched some new and exciting features this year, and 2018 has only just begun! I am curious to see if there is an even bigger reveal around the corner. Will there be more Legendary Pokemon? Will there be new updated features? Only time will tell! For now, Latias and Latios, welcome to the game!