Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros. Melee" has been around since 2001 when the game first premiered on the GameCube console. Originally, the side-scrolling, crossover fighting game was intended to be a family-friendly game or a game played between friends at parties and get-togethers; however, it became a passion for 90s kids, who changed the face of the game completely.

It's now one of the biggest competitive fighting games, getting its start when it gained popularity around 2007 when young adults around the globe began to recognize that it was a fast-paced game that was both interesting to watch and ever-evolving in terms of gameplay.

It features characters from Nintendo games exclusively, whereas its newer counterparts like "Super Smash Bros." for the Wii, also more commonly known as "Smash 4," feature characters from other gaming consoles like Playstation.

Gods of 'Melee'

Even though the game came out almost two decade ago, it's still wildly popular, even inspiring newer competitors to join the eSport, but newcomers have an insanely difficult task ahead of themselves -- competing with the "Gods of Melee" as they're known in the "SSBM" community. This short list of people includes Adam Lindgren, a.k.a., Armada; Juan Debiedma, a.k.a., Hungrybox; Joseph Marquez, a.k.a., Mango; Jason Zimmerman, a.k.a., Mew2King; and Kevin Nanney, a.k.a., PPMD or Dr.

PP. They are considered gods of the eSport because of the positions they have held in the "SSBM" community, and the length of time that they have held such positions.

Armada, a native of Gothenburg, was the number one "Melee" player for the past several years and only recently, as of 2017, did Hungrybox surpass him to be considered the greatest player of the eSport in 2017.

Because of this, many players of the game have a soured relationship with "Melee," although that doesn't keep them from participating in events, such as DreamHack, CEO, Genesis, and many other major gaming tournaments.

On top of the 'Melee' world

It's no secret to those who are an active part of the "Melee" scene that the Jigglypuff player isn't exactly the most beloved player even though he has proven time and time again that he is one of the greatest players of all-time.

Some cite that he has a cocky attitude and that he loves being on camera and that's why they have disdain for him, while others absolutely love him and are die-hard fans -- the split is normally one way or the other, as is very prevalent within the "Melee" community.

In the same fashion, when Hungrybox clutched the win over another player named Plup for Nissin's Noods, Noods, Noods tournament that took place on April 7, 2018, there was a lot of hate from Plup's fans and a lot of love from Hungrybox's fans.

With this match somewhat serving as a rematch of the pair's match at the Genesis tournament, which took place earlier this year, it was the hope of a lot of fans of the eSport watching on Twitch that Plup would win.

To their constant disappointment, Hbox came out stronger than ever, winning the matchup 3-1 against PG's Plup's Starfox. While a lot of people weren't happy, it was indeed a fight to the end for both of the well-seasoned players whose strong commitment and passion for the game continues to make it an exciting eSport that has the potential to continue to grow and thrive.