Over the past few weeks since Pokemon GO Fest, Niantic has been releasing one legendary pocket monster after the other. Making them available to Pokemon GO trainers all over the through the upgraded PokeGym system raid battles.

Niantic gives another chance!

With Lugia and Articuno giving the legendary level 5 raids a head start, followed by Moltres, and Zapdos. The three legendary birds were only made available by Niantic on level 5 raids for just up to seven days, thus if you have missed your chance battling and catching one, there is no turning back.

That is, until today as Niantic has announced on their official websites Blog Post that they are bringing the legendary birds back to the raids but with a catch. Trainers would only be given a limited time to catch Articuno, Moltres, Lugia and Zapdos from August 14, until August 21st.

Hello, Mewtwo!

A teaser video of what seems to be a group of people gathered in Time Square, New York, trying to chase and battle a flying unknown object started it all for Pokemon GO. That unknown object is the much awaited legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, and finally, he is now made available in the game.

Earlier in the Pokemon GO Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan, the popular Pokemon series antagonist finally saw the light of day. Trainers were given a great treat by Niantic as to be the first groups of people who were able to catch Mewtwo, all over the world. Not only that, it seems that no one left the stadium without a legendary Pokemon on their Pokedex as Mewtwo reportedly had a 100% catch rate for all participants.

Now, if you are wondering if ever Mewtwo would be made available outside of Japan by Niantic, well we have some great news for you. Niantic has published a blog post in regards to Mewtwo’s availability, Niantic has detailed that the legendary Pokemon would only be made for battle on Exclusive Raid Battles.

What are exclusive raid battles?

What are exclusive raids? Exclusive raids are somehow similar to the current existing raids that we have been playing on Pokemon GO for the past weeks, however, in order to join one, the trainer must receive an invitation first.

In order to be eligible to receive an invitation, a trainer should have successfully participated in a raid. Defeating the previous raid boss that was placed on the PokeGym. After this, the trainer will receive the required invite, as well as the time of when the exclusive raid will happen. Trainers could take advantage of this exclusive raid feature by using the allotted time to gather and plan tactics in order to beat Mewtwo.

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