If you, like many, are a raging "Fortnite" fan (I'm surprised the name isn’t recognized in Word yet), I have some exciting news for you. Matchmade, the leading influencer marketing platform, has officially crowned "Fortnite" the most-viewed game on YouTube. Trust us, this is huge. Why?

Up until now, "Minecraft" has secured the lead. Just last year, "Minecraft's" YouTube views were reaching 3.7 billion per month, an astounding number that doubled the number of views of runner-up (second-most viewed game) "GTA." However, over the past year, "Minecraft" took a hit, and with views plummeting since August 2017, it was the perfect time for "Fortnite" to attack!

'Fortnite' the record-holder

"Fortnite" currently holds the record for the most videos related to a video game uploaded in a single month. According to YouTube's Ryan Wyatt, "Fortnite" has also set a record for the largest single live gaming stream with a whopping 1.1M simultaneous viewers.

So, what is making 'Fortnite standout amongst the rest?

1) For starters, "Fortnite's" last man standing concept, better known as Battle Royale mode, has taken the gaming world by storm. Matchmade released that "Fortnite" reached 2.4 billion views in February alone, and is expected to continue to skyrocket in views with a month-to-month growth rate of +97 percent

2) Another key to their success? Two words, mobile gaming.

You heard it right,"Fortnite" can be played on your mobile device by simply downloading the IOS app. This strategic move allows gamers to game at all times of the day. Along with the app, "Fortnite" can be played on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Now, let's be real, in this digital era we've all got access to at least one!

3) "Fortnite" is NEW! Games run their course and after a few years/months/weeks, the hype is toned down. Just look at "Pokemon GO", which during 2017, was reported by Techrader.com to have lost 90 percent of its users. The excitement of a new game with a fantastic concept is appealing to all generations of gamers.

4) Its better than "PUBG"!

Why? One word - free! "Fortnite" is a free-to-play game, while "PUBG", an online Battle Royale-themed game, will cost you $30+ to play. Not sold yet? "PUBG" is only available on PC and Xbox One. Talk about inconvenient! Oh yeah, one more bonus fact, "Fortnite" has fewer cheaters. According to Forbes.com, "PUBG" is contaminated with cheaters, mostly from China. The developing team's inability to insert a region lock has resulted in the inability for gamers to participate in honest matches.

All in all, "Fortnite" players, fans, and supporters - give yourselves a pat on the back. Your dedication to this survival game is Breaking Records and shocking the gaming world! If by chance you haven't joined the hype yet, what are you waiting for?