'Pokemon GO's' Easter Eggstravaganza started a little early this year. Lasting from March 22 to April 2, there is not much time left to get GOing! Niantic boasts this year to be way better after last year. Fans say that the Eggstravaganza of 2017 was boring and disappointing, and fans didn't expect much from this year either. Yet this year's stats have so far proven those fears to be a mere fantasy.

What made 'Pokemon GO's' 2017 Eggstravaganza a flop?

In 2017, the Eggstravaganza event lasted for over a week, a little less time than this year. Fans were promised all sorts of surprises such as rare items, rare Pokemon, special eggs, and extra items.

Much to most fans' dismay, their expectations were not met.

Most Pokemon hatched were Pokemon that fans saw commonly in the game, so they were not rare. Niantic also promised extra candy during the event, but again fell short on fan expectations. The candy was less than double.

Some fans even speculated that there would be specially designed eggs gained from PokeStops. And some wished for other items such as incubators. This was never suggested by Niantic, but the lack of such items left fans disappointed anyway. Because of all this, fans say that the event was not fun. Some fans even made their own suggestions for Niantic for next year, hoping for something more exciting.

Why will this year be different?

Once again, Niantic promises rare Pokemon, rare items, and special items, and this year they decided to follow some fan recommendations. New Pokemon have been announced for the 2K eggs, including Togepi, Magby, and Wynaut. There have also been reports of finding Lapras, Milktank, Sudowoodo, Skarmory, and Aerodactyl in 10K eggs.

Not to mention even more Pokemon found in 5K eggs as well. These aspects have certainly brought more excitement to fans who have regained hope for the mobile game.

Besides new Pokemon and rare Pokemon being announced and confirmed, Niantic has also promised players double the XP increases, and quadruple the XP boost. Candy increases have also been an exciting feature during the event.

While the Easter Eggstravaganza event sure does seem promising this year, a lot of fans still have their doubts and are still disappointed. Even so, if the event does turn out a flop once again, there will always stay loyal "Pokemon GO" fans who enjoy the game no matter what. And these are the people who still make events like these possible.