"Fortnite Battle Royale" players will get another set of weekly challenges this Thursday, and once again, they have been leaked before their official release. As it's been the case with every other set of challenges, there will be seven challenges in total. Three challenges will be "hard" and reward players with 10 battle stars, while the other challenges will give players 5 battle stars each.

1) Use a Vending Machine

Last week, vending machines were added to "Fortnite Battle Royale." These machines allow players to exchange their building materials for weapons and consumables which come in different rarities.

There are many vending machines across the island, and in order to complete the first week 8 challenge, players will have to use one of them.

2) Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents

This task requires players to deal 500 explosive damage to their enemies, and considering that explosives do at least 100 damage, this will be one of the easiest missions. It is unknown when High Explosives limited-time game mode will expire, but if it's still in the game after Thursday, players will be able to easily complete this challenge in the mode.

3) Search Chests in Snobby Shores

Even though Snobby Shores had some chests removed a few months ago, it is still a great place for looting. Players will have to open 7 chests in this area to complete the challenge and get 5 battle stars.

4) Visit different Taco Shops in a single match

A few weeks ago, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players had to visit three different gas stations in a single match. In week 8, they will have to visit three different taco shops to complete the task. There aren't many taco shops on the island, so this challenge could take a while to complete.

5) Search between Three Boats (Hard)

This is the first hard challenge in week 8 and it will reward players with 10 battle stars. Once again, players will need to find a battle star, and it seems that it will be located in Loot Lake.

6) Assault Rifle Eliminations (Hard)

Second hard challenge is about assault rifle kills, and considering how good assault rifles are after the first-shot accuracy buff, this shouldn't be a difficult task.

Players will need to get five eliminations to complete it and get 10 battle stars.

7) Eliminate opponents in Dusty Depot (Hard)

The final challenge of week 8 set is about Dusty Depot as players will have to get three eliminations in this area.