The end of the year is approaching and Niantic does not want to leave ''Pokemon Go'' fans without content in its video game. While it is true that the developer recently released the Christmas Event for 2012, the company continues to bring new surprises to the augmented reality game. Recently, users confirmed through social networks that two new Shinys had appeared on ''Pokémon GO.'' These two creatures are Snorunt and Glalie. The first is known as the "Pokémon with a snow cap," while the second is called the "Pokémon face." Both are part of the new Ice-type addition of Gen 3, from the Hoenn region.

Niantic developers in Japan just confirmed that the company is working on new additions, where new Shiny Pokemon are being added to the game as well as other new exciting features for the Christmas Event.

Characteristics of the Shiny Glalie

Glalie is a "Glass Cannon," meaning that this creature can perform incredible amounts of damage in a short time, but has very little life and defense. At the moment, it is not so strong, but it is known that it has a Mega Evolution, so it could be one of the strongest if Niantic adds this to the game. The strongest Glalie that ''Pokemon Go'' fans can get, is the one that has perfect IVs along with the moves Avalanche or Shadow Ball. With this build, they will definitely have the maximum DPS they can with this Pokémon.

The 10 best Pokémon of Water and Ice in Pokémon GO

While it is true that Niantic confirmed more water and ice type Pokémon in Generation 3, users do not stop asking about the characteristics of these creatures. The question that many trainers ask themselves is which is the most powerful Pokémon of this type, since there are many combinations that come to affect the final result, such as the Pokémon's IVs, the level, and the possible attacks.

According to the analysis by PokémonGoHub, they reviewed all the existing Pokémon that could fall into this category, clarifying of course that once Kyogre leaves the game, it will be the best creature of this type. In this way, they also analyzed the weakest Pokémon, where they found Sharpedo, Glalie, Crawdaunt, and many others, who did not have as much DPS as would be expected.

According to Niantic's developer, other new and exciting features could also come about in the next few days.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.