New details continue to arrive regarding ''Pokémon GO.'' While it is true that Niantic has released considerable changes in the reality augmented game, the latest updates have not been enough to motivate most of the players in the game. For months, urban players have been crying out for the implementation and development of new exciting changes in the Gym badges and Ex Raids. The last three waves of ex-raid passes have given out far fewer invites individually to test small groups. The problem that payers perceive is only the result of testing pushing the system to its limit.

It is worth mentioning that the number of invitations the game sends per Ex Raid may vary, but a problem seems to be that there are not enough people to do them even if you are lucky enough to get the pass.

The Ex raids need people that can get to the place and what seems to happen is that people are just passing or traveling receive the pass, and then they can’t do the raid. According to new information revealed by a source close to Niantic in Japan, the company will link the development of gym badges to the raid system in the coming days. As reported by several reliable sources, including Otakukart and blog Pokemon Go Hub, Niantic will finally increase the limit in the Gyms System and will add new exciting items and Pokéstops for the coming events.

So now, players would have more opportunity when fighting a raid boss at a gym.

Here is everything that is known right now concerning the latest changes in the “Pokémon GO” app, and the new features just added by Niantic.

Brand new items just added to the game by Niantic

The news in ''Pokémon GO'' seems never to end. Recently, the Pokémon Go Hub portal revealed new data found through a data mine.

It is about five new hidden objects, which may be added by Niantic in the coming months. The first of these objects, and that much pleased the fans of ''Pokémon GO,'' is the Master Ball, the Pokéball that never fails, that is, the chances of catching a Pokémon are always 100 percent.

Additional information

According to new details now emerging in Japan, Niantic's developers have not yet added this and other new and exciting items to the application.

However, they will be available for the next Thanksgiving event, which according to what was indicated by the source, it would take place on December 23 of this year.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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