"Destiny 2's" second downloadable content - "warmind" is just days away as it will usher several changes and new loot in the online-only shooter. As the DLC's release date draws near, Bungie's Game Director Christopher Barrett has posted several weird and cryptic tweets that got the community musing about it.

Barrett going cryptic lately

Barrett first relayed his mysterious message over on the Destiny Down Under podcast as it was noticed by one of its hosts named Matt (@myelingames). The host then came to an assumption that the game director could be either tipping players off or hinting at another ARG hunt.

Matt even referenced the message to the Sleeper Simulant grimoire as both of their wordings are very much similar.

Barrett rolled out another set of perplexing messages on both of his main and secondary Twitter accounts (@oryxdesignlab). Per the tweets, he posted three images that show a lengthy series of characters, a rabbit, and an Aurora Borealis. He also tweeted a sound clip where a lady can be heard speaking what many believed to be Russian.

The community decrypts

Quite a number of "Destiny 2" faithfuls may have decoded what the sound clip and the series of characters meant as they are in unison on their discovery. These players pointed out that the characters used a so-called "rabbit encryption" and got decrypted using the keyword "aurora." The message reads: "Reactivated areoseismic analysis detects high quantities of nonnative organic chitin." The sound clip, on the other hand, was decrypted as: "Multiple disrupted Polaris axons report increased sterile neutrino patterning correlating ton increase in AVGPOLARISTEMP."

These findings were also posted over on the Destiny subreddit as its members made some plausible points surrounding these messages.

U/cadamson87 believe that the Warmind Rasputin has detected huge amounts of Darkness (sterile neutrino particles) that made it beef up its defenses resulting in the increase of the average temperature at the Polaris (AVGPOLARISTEMP). The same thing goes with the first message as the Warmind also detected large amounts of Hive (nonnative organic chitin).

Here's another cryptic tweet. Are we getting rickrolled?

DeeJ on Season 3 Private Matches

Meanwhile, DeeJ also took to Twitter to share some tidbits regarding "Destiny 2's" Private Matches in Season 3. His recent tweet stated that as soon as these matches arrive in the next season, he revealed that they'll be having "treacherous" plans in making Bungie Bounties more targeted.

"Destiny 2's" "Warmind" expansion will go live on May 8. In the meantime, check out a video about the game here: