In case you have never heard of "God Of War," it is a popular game with many remakes and with a new installment in the series coming out. The new installment already has lore being discovered. "God of War" has Hidden Chambers that are not very hidden. Although the chambers themselves are easy to find, unlocking them is not as easy. Many people can not break the seals in the Hidden Chambers, but they may already have exactly what they need to unlock them.

What you need

The start of the game already shows you a Hidden Chamber; it looks like a diamond with a non-reflective surface.No matter how much you strike the seal with your ax, or how strong you are, it will not budge.

The only hint that is given to you is from Atreus who says "You do not have what you need to get past the seals." The key you are looking for is not too hard to obtain, however. Nor is it a key, per se. all you need to do is play through the main story of "God of War."

Playing a good amount of the main story gives you the object needed to unlock the seals.You obtain a magical chisel, and it is impossible to avoid. It is one of those 'You'll know when you see it' deals. It may seem to be nothing more than a key item for more of the main story, but that is not the right assumption.

The magical chisel can be obtained through a quest in the main story; no spoilers will be given, so you will not be told when and where you get this object.

While unlocking the Hidden Chambers might seem like a daunting task; it is not as hard as it seems. It is easy to find the Hidden Chambers, as they are rather obvious, and will be easy to break the seals, with enough practice of course. The next part of this article will guide you through the process of breaking the seals to the Hidden Chambers.

How to unlock the Hidden Chambers

When you obtain the magical chisel, it does not have to be right away (nor is it recommended), go to the first seal you encountered. Hold the magic chisel over the surface of the seal and move it around the surface. The magical chisel will glow as you move it across the surface. Wherever the magic chisel shines the brightest, stab the seal.

Stab it multiple times, and it will eventually break. If the seal does not break, make sure you are striking the correct area, the brightest glow from the magical chisel. These chambers are meant to be an end of the game challenges, so do not get discouraged if you cannot pass the challenges right away. Now you have everything you need to finish the game 100%!