Microsoft's Xbox One backward compatibility list continues to expand despite recently recalling two new titles on the BC feature. According to the latest news, fans were excited to see "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare" and "Splinter Cell Conviction" only to realize, they have been put there by mistake. The company released a statement saying they incorrectly listed games on the backwards compatibility list and admitted the error hence, the removal of the games from the list.

Despite the error, Microsoft revealed that "Splinter Cell Conviction" accumulated a total of 20k votes from fans while the "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare' has a total of 6k votes.

The announcement did not disclose whether the aforementioned 67% discount is also discontinued or will proceed for the two titles.

History of mistaken titles on the backward compatible list

The news of the games being removed from the list is not new to fans of the Xbox One backward compatibility feature. In 2015, the company mistakenly included "Red Dead Redemption" only to remove it from the list afterward. Last year, the backward compatible program added the "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" then, later on, announced it was revealed by mistake. The two titles eventually made it to the BC feature months after they were first launched.

Meanwhile, new selections on Tom Clancy's game series are also offered at a discount including "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" at a 25% discount and "Rainbow Six Siege" at a staggering 50% discount.

The Xbox One backward compatibility feature is being updated twice a week through the Major Nelson blog.

The BC feature list

Currently, there are over 350 titles on the Xbox One backward compatibility list excluding the smaller titles that were eventually shelved in the program. Meanwhile, some of the most notable titles on Xbox 360 and Xbox One partnership include "The Mass Effect Trilogy," "The Bioshock Trilogy," "Red Dead Redemption," "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2," "Skate 3" and many more.

The transition of Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One console depends on the developers' willingness to allow the game on the current gen platform. Apparently, the company needs the proper licensing in order to include a certain game on the Xbox One Store. Previous owners of a certain Xbox 360 game don't need to download it once it becomes part of the backward compatible list. Otherwise, players will need to purchase the game and manually download it from the Xbox One store.