"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have many different ways of leveling up their Battle Pass tiers in season 3. Beside reaching level 100 and collecting battle stars along the way, players can complete daily and weekly challenges. Daily challenges reward players with 500 season XP and five battle stars, while weekly challenges give either five or 10 battle stars, along with 4,000 XP.

Weekly challenges are a new addition to season 3, and they have been received well by the community. Week 7 challenges will be released on April 5, but Reddit user maxt123456 has Leaked the challenges by data mining game files.

Once again, there will be seven challenges, with three of them being "hard" and rewarding players with 10 battle stars.

1) Deal damage with shotgun to opponents

This will be one of the easiest challenges as almost every "Fortnite Battle Royale" player uses a shotgun. In order to complete the challenge, players will have to deal 500 shotgun damage to their opponents, which is something that can be done in a single game.

2) Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts

After Retail Row, it's time for Shifty Shafts to turn into a hot landing spot for kills. Players will need to get only three kills to successfully complete the challenge.

3) Suppressed weapon eliminations

This challenge will also require players to get three eliminations, but they will have to do it using one of the suppressed weapons.

Considering that suppressed weapons, especially the pistol, are relatively strong, this challenge shouldn't be hard.

4) Search chests in Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge is not a popular landing spot, but there is no doubt that will change when these challenges go live. In order to complete the fourth challenge, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will need to open seven chests in this area.

5) Search a chest, ammo box, and supply drop in a single match (Hard)

This challenge will most likely be the hardest one, but aggressive players should be able to complete it easily. Opening chests and ammo boxes is easy, but adding a supply drop is what makes it difficult. Players will need to play aggressively and go for supply drops in order to complete this challenge, but it will be worth it as completing it gives 10 battle stars.

6) Search the hidden gnome in different named locations (Hard)

This challenge shouldn't be hard as the gnomes will most likely be located in the popular landing spots. Players will have to find seven of them to complete the task.

7) Follow the treasure map in Retail Row (Hard)

This will be another simple mission as players will just need to pick up a battle star from a specific location. It seems that next week's battle star location will be the Wailing Woods maze, according to the image found in the game files.