"Pokemon GO" involves many Pokemon and features that some may call trash. But now, the app includes a feature that will reward users for dealing with actual trash! No longer will users simply have to be content with picking up trash and feeling better about themselves and the improvement of the environment. They can have digital rewards that stem from such a good deed this Earth Day courtesy of "Pokemon GO!" According to International Business Times, Niantic, the makers of "Pokemon GO," will be partnering with Mission Blue, which is an organization in support of protecting the oceans.

Getting more than just personal satisfaction for picking up trash

This upcoming Earth Day, on April 22, Niantic is offering those who participate in 40+ events rewards for their accounts for helping clean up trash and improve the environment. According to The Mobile Marketer, these prizes will be earning additional stardust depending on the type of pokemon. Also, who knew picking up trash could be so rewarding? This effort in picking up trash is something that should not be underestimated. Such actions can have lasting beneficial impacts on the environment and such encouragement of the effort is definitely something more companies should do! Having such incentives helps the effort become larger and desired by consumers and thus more companies will follow suit.

Benefits to the environment and your Niantic account

This is a great effort as not only does the environment benefit from this effort, but users should consider the benefit such work will have on their account. As this will help set their trainers to a higher level and improve their performance.

This is going to have a great impact on the earth and how you conduct "Pokemon GO!"

Another related event is the upcoming Community Day

Also, according to International Business Times, on April 15, "Pokemon GO" will be offering the Pokemon Mareep of type Electric that will allow for Pokemon Eggs to hatch within 1/4 of the distance usually required.

More so, on this day three-hour lures will be provided as well to help increase involvement and interest. This related event will allow a precedent to be sent and create a desire for the Earth Day event as well. These events in unison are going to have an amazing result hopefully for the way that companies promote in-game events and how they can tie into a larger social impact! Hopefully, much more awaits! It's not too hard to imagine that if these events are successes, then future related activities will take place and result in hopefully more of a larger social impact.