If you have been playing "Fortnite" or have kept up with the latest news, you might know that meteors have been lighting up the sky for most of the past month. Plenty of theories were created by the community, but most theories speculate that the meteors are headed towards Tilted Towers, which might result in the complete destruction of the town. All this happened as the season is nearing an end for "Fortnite," so perhaps this is a way for Epic Games to show it off. According to Comic Book, televisions across the map, in "Battle Royale," are all displaying some sort of emergency message on their screen.

Even the Twitter page for "Fortnite" has it.

Tilted Towers might be getting destroyed soon

The whole week has been full of surprises for "Fortnite" players as they encountered signs suggesting something huge was going to happen to the game. As the season is coming to an end, the signs are starting to become more prevalent. Today, it was noted that televisions in the game, which are typically inactive and used mainly as props, are all plagued with a screen that displays a llama over a test pattern, similar to an Emergency Broadcast. According to Forbes, not only are the televisions broadcasting the image, there are also static/alarm noises if a player gets close.

The image on the televisions also shows five squares with an arrow pointing downward to one of them. Many players believe that it is a countdown to the season's end, which will mark the end of Tilted Towers or something else. So many signs have been showing up, giving players the idea that the comet will hit Tilted Towers and with the emergency broadcast shown today, it could be a reality.

Other theories players have come up with

It's hard to figure out what Epic Games is trying to say with all these signs in-game, but players are excited to see what will happen, once the season ends, on April 30. The clues that Epic Games has been giving players is so mysterious and allows for so many imaginative and creative scenarios.

The comet hitting the map could also mean a dinosaur theme as some players have suggested. There have been suggestions of an impending alien invasion as well, given the sighting of the UFO. Others suggest a post-apocalyptic theme and maybe even zombies after the comet wipes out a majority of the map.

Whatever the reason may be, all "Fortnite" players are on the look-out for more signs and clues as to what will happen once the season comes to an end. With something big like that happening right now on "Fortnite," it's no wonder they're such a popular game.