Tyler Blevins – popularly known on Twitch as Ninja skyrocketed to fame when he featured his exceptional pro-gaming skills in "Fortnite," not to mention that it was further amplified when Drake teamed up with him in one of his live streams. However, it is expected that others will be riding off from it and this was addressed in the latest installment of the H3 Podcast guesting.

On the Jake Paul clickbait

As mentioned, the "Fortnite" streamer recently graced Ethan and Hila Klein's YouTube talk show as he was asked about some of the current topics involving him.

A lot has been talked about during the podcast including a vlog from Jake Paul where his photo was initially used by the YouTuber as clickbait.

Per Ninja, he revealed that he didn't want to reach out to the younger Paul as he further explained that he is not into such drama and went on stating that he doesn't want to give anybody a story off of him. However, he said that he wants to talk to the YouTuber personally and ask him what's going through his mind when he did such deed. The streamer even added that he went on watching the entire clip (18 minutes of it) to check if his name was even mentioned in the vlog. Unfortunately, that did not transpire in the video.

On copyright strikes

Ethan then brought up the copyright issues the streamer has been experiencing since a ton of Ninja's gameplays are content gold.

The pro-gamer responded that his team is seriously working on striking huge YouTube channels that have been discovered to be ripping off (reuploading) his content. He made it clear though that he won't be issuing a copyright strike on YT channels that edits several clips from his stream and makes a good content out of it (montages, highlight reels, etc.).

On other YouTubers transitioning to Twitch

Ninja was also asked as to what are his thoughts about the Paul brothers (Logan and Jake for the uninitiated) as they too jumped on the "Fortnite" hype train. He stated that the two are very competent and are very acquainted with what's trending. However, he expressed that both Twitch and YouTube are very much different and transitioning to the former will be quite a handful.

He even made a clear representation of some YouTubers who transitioned from YT to Twitch adding that being entertained and not skilled is freaking hard. That said, he made a shout out to fellow "Fortnite" streamer CDNThe3rd as he is one of the Twitch channels who's both skilled at the game and entertaining at the same time. Check out the full podcast below.