Epic Games' highly successful third-person shooter that is "Fortnite" gets a ton of updates and it's almost hard to keep up. One of the recent patches (V3.4) brought in the Guided Missile and it has been gaining quite a lot of notoriety within the game. The ever-creative members of its community have discovered some new ways to enjoy the new weapon even more other than directing its projectile towards their opponents.

Trying out the game's new toy

A player (/u/Maik4Life) recently took to "Fortnite's" subreddit to show what he and his friends have discovered while trying out the new Guided Missile.

Just like its unguided predecessor – the Rocket Launcher, players can also perform a so-called rocket ride. However, this group of players has found some new ways to capitalize using the new weapon.

The first clip that was posted featured the typical rocket ride and it may well seem that these fellows were trying out to see if the glitch was doable with the weapon. As expected, it worked out as intended, alongside the ability to control the missile.

The next clip they posted could have been discovered by accident. The second clip showed one of their members already riding the missile as it went towards the Redditor.

He then hopped in and to their surprise, two of them are now on board and hilarity ensued. Epic, on the other hand, is likely to leave the glitch as it is as one of them responded that he was about to pitch the so-called double ride idea to these players.

Another version of such glitch is riding your own rocket. The abovementioned folks also did a test on this to see if it is possible and it actually is.

One of them shot a missile and directed it towards his direction. The player was able to ride the projectile right before it exploded. "Fortnite" player and Twitch streamer Myth also did the same thing and was amazed seeing it the first time. However, his character died afterwards.

Bogey intercepted

The guided missile can also be useful in intercepting other missiles and rockets.

This was proven by another streamer Likandoo as he blew up an incoming rocket using the guided missile in one of his streams.

Other members of the subreddit even suggested riding the missile while they are equipped with a minigun, a rocket launcher, or even its guided successor. These players would literally become death from above. Meanwhile, fans might want to click on the game's website to see what's in store for them in patch V3.4. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: