The Witchwood expansion for "Hearthstone" has had some highs and lows. On one hand, Cubelock is still the best deck and Shudderwock is imprisoning players in three-hour-long games. On the other hand, Token Druid and Taunt Warrior got some fun tools to play around with. But the expansion also introduced some new mechanics to the game that we've never seen before. And where there are new mechanics, there's bound to be new bugs. A hotfix came out on April 16 to deal with some of these. The bugs in question concern interactions with Chameleos, Voodoo Doll, and the Worgen form switching ability.

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Chameleos is a priest legendary minion with the ability to become a random card in your opponent's hand. This means any card, be it a minion, spell, weapon, or hero card. We saw Chameleos receive another hotfix last week to stop him from retaining hand/deck buffs when he transforms into a hero card. Now, he's receiving another bugfix to stop him from retaining the stats when he transforms into a Worgen card.

This bug meant it was possible for Chameleos to become a Gilnean Royal Guard, and then Frost Lich Jaina. Afterward, if you played the Frost Lich Jaina, your hero would permanently have eight attack from the Gilnean Royal Guard.

This also worked with weapons and minions, so you could play a 5/2 Fiery War Axe or an 8/3 Snowflipper Penguin. A funny bug, but definitely needed to be fixed.

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll is another card that has never been seen before in "Hearthstone." We have never seen a card that can destroy minions as a death rattle ability, and this has resulted in some unexpected interactions with bounce mechanics.

So if Voodoo doll cursed a minion, that minion would stay cursed even if it was returned to the hand. Meaning if Voodoo Doll died after that, the card would be destroyed from the player's hand.

But the truly hilarious interaction once again involves Chameleos. If Chameleos was cursed, returned to hand, and then played as a hero card, then the player's hero would be cursed.

So you could instantly kill the enemy hero by destroying the Voodoo Doll. There was one more small bug where silence would remove the visual effects from a cursed minion.


Worgens also had a new mechanic in "Hearthstone." They switch their attack and health at the end of the turn as long as they're in your hand. As an end of turn effect, it is still affected by Drakkari Enchanter. This card makes all of your end of turn effects trigger twice, but for whatever reason, it made all of your Worgen cards have zero attack and zero health.

Also, discounted costs on cloned Worgen cards would not stay if the card transformed into its other form. Sonya Shadowdancer copies of Worgens, for instance, were affected by this bug.

Once their end of turn ability triggered they would still have one attack and one health, but return to their original mana costs.

Witchwood is an important expansion to get right since it will be staying in the constructed pool for two expansion cycles. This expansion has been filled with the newest game mechanics added to "Hearthstone" in a long time, so it's bound to have some flaws in it. It's just a matter of making sure that these mechanics work flawlessly from now on, taking future cards into consideration as well. I, for one, am surprised that the echo mechanic hasn't had any game-breaking bugs yet.