"Fortnite's" update V3.6 is at hand as players are now musing as to what new contents will be introduced into the game.

Some are hoping that the current bugs that they're experiencing in the third-person shooter will finally be fixed.

On LMG ghost peeking

Several days ago, someone from the FortniteBR subreddit posted a short clip showing a bug regarding the recently introduced Lmg. According to the video submitted, a so-called "ghost peeking" bug can be observed as the bullets being fired were literally going through structures.

A staff member from Epic Games took notice of the post, as this has garnered quite a number of upvotes from the community (over 9,000 at the time of writing).

According to the developer, it was a slip-up on their end, adding that a fix will be implemented as soon as the update V3.6 drops.

One-second big shields and bandages

Another glitch/exploit was also discovered by "Fortnite" faithfuls that allowed them to use bandages and big shields in just a second. According to the OP, players need to equip the Rock Paper Scissors emote to perform the exploit. However, Twitch streamer Tfue (known for "H1Z1" exploits/glitches), pointed out that a simple crouch should do the trick.

Epic, on the other hand, responded stating that they are working for a fix on the glitch, adding that one will be included in an upcoming patch (not sure if this will be addressed in the V3.6 update).

The developer also posted some sort of a tracking number (FORT-83714) for those who want to check its progress.

The belly flop

Redditor u/imcharliedw also brought to light another bug in the game where the characters do a "belly flop" after using an Impulse Grenade that causes them to get knocked down.

For the uninitiated, "Fortnite" players use either the nade or a launch pad for them to deploy their glider/umbrella. That said, other players also pointed out that they too have experienced this game-breaking bug whenever they use the latter.

Just like first two posts, the game maker commented on this issue stating that the issue has been escalated to Epic's QA folks to further investigate this bug.

They also made it clear that no tweaks were made that should have made it look like the player deployed either their glider or umbrella after using the Impulse Grenade.

As mentioned, update V3.6 will be rolled out today, April 24. Patch notes for the latest update will be posted as soon as the scheduled downtime kicks off at 4:00 a.m. ET (0800 GMT). Check out a video about the game here: