People's fixation with "Fortnite" is still that strong that it has been a growing concern to some to the extent that they want it banned.

However, there are some stories about the game that might make these folks change their minds like this one.

Thanks to 'Fortnite'

A Redditor (u/camjjenkins) recently took to FortniteBR subreddit to express his appreciation for the game and commend Epic for making the third person shooter. According to the grateful fan, he stated that "Fortnite" literally saved his life.

He kicked things off stating that this will be the first time to open up about his current situation adding that some of his friends and other family members are also affected by it.

He then revealed to the community that he is suffering from multiple issues such as anxiety, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and went on to reveal that he has been depressed for several years now.

The Redditor further explained that albeit the constant visits to the doctor and medication, he felt that this doesn't help. That is where "Fortnite" steps in.

He mentioned in his post that the reason why the game saved him, is his school life was getting mentally tough for him. There was even a part in his post where he recalled at the time that he almost took his own life. But now, whenever he feels the urge to do such, he can just play a match in "Fortnite" and added that thinking about the next time he can play the game makes him feel better.

Somewhat similar

A Reddit post back in February was noticed by both Epic and "Fortnite" faithfuls as a concerned fan asked for help regarding an acquaintance through the game. The player in question posted a disturbing message over on Discord stating that he was about to take his own life.

The game developer did everything they could to contact the player but to no avail. They even went the extra mile as they reached out to Discord folks to bring their concerns to their attention. The software company then conducted a so-called wellness check to see if everything's okay with the troubled player. Fortunately, the player finally responded and the Redditor who posted it was extremely thankful for the "Fortnite" community and Epic for helping him out.

Meanwhile, "Fortnite" Season 3 will come to a close on April 30 and is expected that Season 4 will kick off after that. In the meantime, check out a video about an upcoming weapon in the game's Battle Royale mode here: