"Fortnite" has been on a hot spree this whole week and Epic Games has been teasing players with various signs and clues as to what may happen for the next season. The first theories made by players after seeing a meteor or comet in the sky headed toward the map related to the destruction of Tilted Towers. Other players reckoned that it could mean a dinosaur theme would happen after the meteor strikes. Some players even noted that there was a UFO in the sky, suggesting that there could be a possible alien invasion. Yesterday's emergency broadcast in "Fornite" got players excited for what was to come.

According to Forbes, Epic Games posted a Tweet showing what is inside the meteor.

A superhero appears in the meteor

The image seen in the Twitter post is a Superhero and could suggest that the next season will focus on a possible superhero theme. The caption says, "Battle. Adapt. Win" and might mean that players could be able to gain certain powers throughout the course of the game to help them survive whatever else Epic Games decides to throw in for the next season.

The superhero image in the meteor may have disproved many players' theories, but the meteor will definitely hit the map. Many people may be disappointed that Tilted Towers will not be destroyed, but are still anxious to see what Epic Games has in store for them.

Different theories can arise after seeing this superhero image. It could be possible that the superhero is here to protect the map from the impending meteor strike. The superhero could also be fighting some sort of villain and just so happened to land on the "Fortnite" map, bringing along a possible invasion where players will have to help the superhero fight the monster(s).

According to PCGamesN, the timing of the superhero image is perfect for the game since the new Avengers movie has been released. Superheroes have been a popular subject for some time and "Fortnite" would be an even more popular game with players if certain superheroes or certain superhero abilities were incorporated into the next season.

'Fortnite' players can't wait for the new season

With the season ending very soon and Epic Games posting such a Tweet, everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for more juicy information to drop to see what the next season is all about. The idea of a superhero theme sounds amazing and could bring on some interesting challenges for anyone who has a Battle Pass for the next season.