If you grew up playing "Diablo" and are a fan of the action-RPG genre, you have a new game to add to your wish list. "Last Epoch" is being funded on Kickstarter and developed by Eleventh Hour Games. You can download a free demo now and begin testing it out right away. You'll be set in a world consumed by a void, with humanity driven underground just to survive. Will you have what it takes to push back this evil and retake the world that once belonged to you? As you set out on this quest you'll travel between four distinct time periods, piecing together what caused this and discovering the truth behind it.

"Last Epoch" will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

'Last Epoch' gameplay features

This game is filled to the brim with features. Following traditional action-RPGs, there are endless amounts of possible loot and varying stats on them. Choose from five different playable base classes each with two master classes for further customization for your playstyle. Choose your class-specific skills along with a passive grid system. The passive grid allows for a deeper and richer playing experience and allows you to truly tailor your character to fit your desires. Of course, what character or class you choose will affect gameplay, from specific dialogue, class-specific gear, and appearance. Each class has their own defined theme that will carry out through the course of the game.

Some new or different aspects introduce things like the eternity cache -- a special container you can find in hidden areas that you may put items in. If you return to this cache after time traveling to a new era, you may find that the contents of the container produced a new item by combining what was in there for so long.

The crafting and improving system is something to be looked forward to as well.

You will find items called shattering stones. You may use these to shatter magical items and have a chance to gain shards. These shards can then be used to improve stats on your weapons and armor. Be cautious, though, as using them too much may fracture or potentially destroy your gear. There will be special items you can use to improve your odds of success, however.

Endgame and re-playability

"Last Epoch" like other games in the genre, offers great content for seasoned veterans who want to keep progressing their character after the main storyline is finished. Some include special quests or dungeons like Monolith of Fate, Gates of Memorium or Epoch's Call. There will be endless content for those who seek it. If you're a fan of games like "Diablo" or "Path of Exile," "Last Epoch" will scratch an itch if you've been looking for something new and exciting.

If all this PvE just doesn't cut it for you, there are of course other options. The PvP will be fast-paced and exciting. Each "season" will have ladders and rankings, keeping things fresh and new. Try out your skills against other players and see who is the greatest.

"Last Epoch" will offer both online and offline Play which is something of a relief for fans who crave offline solo adventures. Play with your friends online, or in offline co-op and lay waste to hordes of enemies.

What are you waiting for? Check them out on Kickstarter and download your free demo now!