Epic Games' popular battle royale game, "Fortnite," has been on the radar in the past few months as one of the most popular games and one of the most viewed games on YouTube. It is already known that the popularity of battle royale games has skyrocketed ever since "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" was released. Everyone is used to the vast majority of players in a game, which is why the battle royale genre is so fun and exciting. According to Comicbook, Epic Games may be increasing the Player count past 100 in "Fortnite" in the future.

The 100 player cap for most battle royale games seems to be the standard, but a new step toward increasing the count is something designers over at Epic Games are considering.

It is a stretch to increase the player amount past 100 though and there are a lot of technological considerations to take into account, but "Fortnite" developers could make it happen in the future.

Expanding player count in battle royale games

"Fortnite" has introduced different modes into the game in the past, like a 50 vs 50 game mode. "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" has also introduced their own new game mode recently, which involved creating three 10-person teams. Another game called "Maverick: Proving Grounds" is even looking to expand their own player count to 1,000 for each map. With such inventive game modes already being introduced in several battle royale games, "Fornite" would certainly be following suit in this regard.

Experimenting with player count in 'Fortnite'

Developers do say that the game won't immediately increase the player cap, but may slowly start off by introducing a game mode with more players. According to PCGamesN, there is a possibility that "Fortnite" could introduce a 150 or even a 200 player game as a limited time mode. Even changing the game mode of 50 vs 50 to 50 vs 50 vs 50 would allow players to have a chance to see how it would feel to play with more people and give feedback to Epic Games.

Developers would be happy to release such limited time modes because it would allow players to experiment and do things they wouldn't be able to do in the original game mode.

If player count does happen to increase in the future, we could be looking at some more hilarious gameplay in "Fortnite."

Epic Games looking to integrate PvP and PvE modes as well

Not only are Epic Games considering increasing the player count in the future, they are also trying to mesh the two modes in the game together.

According to GameReactor, developers are figuring out how to better combine PvP and PvE modes together and classes can make a huge difference. Of course, this direction of integrating game modes comes with plenty of things to consider since each class is different from one another and certain classes can either have a huge advantage or a huge disadvantage over another class.