"Far Cry 5" was released last month in late March and received a strong response from both gamers and critics alike. The open-world game forgoes the exotic locations of previous entries and instead places players in the sprawling lands of Montana, in a fictional town called Hope County which has been taken over by a charismatic but psychopathic preacher named Joseph Seed and his loyal cult members. Like past games, it's up to players to lead a rebellion and fight back in order to free the land and its people from the will of an unbalanced maniac.

A warm welcome

The "Far Cry" series has been highly regarded among gamers for allowing players to explore vast, exotic locations whilst also encouraging players to tackle missions and objectives as they see fit by offering them a vast array of weapons and equipment that can be utilized in a variety of ways. "Far Cry 5" is no exception and the game's new setting of rural America has helped add a fresh new angle to the game by swapping out a far off location for something much closer to home. "Far Cry 5" received string reviews from critics and has been praised for its beautiful graphics, intense gunplay, and interesting characters.

UK game charts

"Far Cry 5" made its debut straight to No. 1 in the UK game charts and has managed to remain there for three weeks in a row, despite stiff competition from other big games such as "FIFA 18," "Grand Theft Auto V," and "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe." "Far Cry 5" has managed to stay ahead of the pack though it should be noted that no major releases have occurred since the game came out, the biggest being the Xbox One release of "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice."

A month on top?

No doubt publisher Ubisoft will be hoping that "Far Cry 5" will remain at the top of the charts this time next Week, marking an entire month dominating the charts, but there's some seriously tough competition on its way in the form of "God of War." Set to be released on April 20, "God Of War" has been highly anticipated by fans and has been receiving extremely positive reviews from critics, with many mainstream sites giving it perfect review scores.

However, "God of War" is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 whereas "Far Cry 5" is on a number of platforms, so "God of War" will need to sell very well to surpass Ubisoft's latest game. Only time will tell if "Far Cry 5" can remain king of the charts but, even if it is surpassed, three weeks is still an impressive feat and proof that the series is still held in high esteem by gamers.