Another week and another patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale." Epic Games rolled out the 3.4 content update on Wednesday morning, releasing a new feature, a new limited-time game mode, and fixing some big issues players have been dealing with. The best thing about the patch? It requires no update and players get new content immediately.

This has been one of the biggest patches and "Fortnite Battle Royale" players are looking forward to playing it. It introduces vending machines, improved High Explosives game mode, wood gathering buff, and it also fixes weapon accuracy glitch that has been bothering players ever since the game was released.

Vending machines

There will be many vending machines across the island which will offer weapons in exchange for building resources. Each machine has three different deals, and rarity of those items is chosen randomly.

  • Common (white) items will cost 100 materials.
  • Uncommon (green) items will cost 200 materials.
  • Rare (blue) items will cost 300 materials.
  • Epic (purple) items will cost 400 materials.
  • Legendary (gold) items will cost 500 materials.

There will be one deal for each material and the machine will cycle these deals on a short timer. If players want to make it cycle faster, all they have to do is to hit the machine with a pickaxe. There is no limit on how many purchases you can make, so as long as you have resources, you'll be able to obtain a full weapon loadout.

First shot accuracy

Many weapons now have the "first shot accuracy," including assault rifles, submachine guns, and pistols. When aiming, standing still, and the weapon has not fired recently, the first shot will be 100 percent accurate. This will be indicated by the aim reticle which will be completely closed in.

In addition, damage fall-off has been introduced for the weapons affected by the first shot accuracy.

For example, assault rifles will deal 80 percent damage at 75 meters, and it will fall down to 65 percent at 100 or more meters. Lastly, headshot multiplier was changed to 2x for these weapons.

New mode: High Explosives v2

Epic Games is bringing back High Explosives mode with some changes. Players will now find 50 percent more consumables and 100 percent more materials from supply drops.

Also, these drops have a 50 percent chance of dropping the Legendary Guided Missile.

Additionally, spike traps have been removed from the mode and players will get more materials and ammo from all sources.

Wood gathering buff

The latest patch increased most wood resource values by about 10 percent.